Thor, Batman, and Captain America. In one person

Do you know what Hollywood beauties have in common with Christian Bale, Channing Tatum, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and, of course, Chris Hemsworth?

No, it’s not a million-dollar star. The person who plays them all lives in London and his name is Bobby Holland Henton. He’s a stunt double.

Did you really think that the fall-blows-fights-jumping-bed scenes are performed by the actors themselves? Studios cannot risk that, because the trauma of the star turns into weeks of downtime and tens of thousands of dollars of losses.

He played Kane from the “Ascent of Jupiter”, Batman, Bond, Captain America, and Thor. By the way, Chris Hemsworth started his career on the set of the first “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Bobby admitted that maintaining his body at the level of “the god of Asgard” is very, very difficult – the guy had to train twice a day and not miss any of the THIRTY-FIVE meals!

Chris Hemsworth’s backup at 35 times a day and trained 18 hours a week.

The official understudy of Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, Bobby Holland Hanton, performed all the stunt scenes in the franchise “Thor” and “The Avengers” for the Hollywood star. Bobby looks like an actor, but he had to adhere to a very intense sports regimen in order to preserve the similarity of the figures.

“Chris is by nature a real monster, he only needs to look at the barbell, and he begins to grow,” Bobby said. In preparation for the shooting in the movie “Thor”, I had to eat 35 times a day. I focused on protein, good fats, and carbohydrates like chicken and spinach, as well as nuts and eggs. ”

The 31-year-old former gymnast said that because of Hemsworth’s unique corrugated musculature, which he had to recreate on his own body, he drank only water and green tea, forbidding salt, sugar, and sauces. In total, Bobby worked out 18 hours a week, and he managed to achieve an impressive resemblance to Hemsworth.

The example of Bobby Henton proves that superheroes exist. Their names just appear in small print at the end of the credits.