Isabela Lahela: a fitness motivator for girls

Isabela Lahela, from Toronto, lifts weights. In the past, she was the Ontario Junior Champion in the 48 kg weight category.

Her portfolio indicates that she is related to an Olympic weightlifter), however, judging by the records, she took part, not only in the Olympics, but also in the Canadian Championships. All references to the Olympic Games from some Hispanic sites were accompanied by photos. Maybe that means that her main focus is the “Olympic” sport. In any case, she was obviously successful.

In addition to weightlifting, she works as a fitness model and sports coach. She has also been dancing for 15 years. It might be hard to believe, but Instagram is full of related photos.


weightlifter from canada isabelle


In the modern world, a new trend has emerged – replacing alcohol, drugs and smoking with a healthy lifestyle. Hundreds, no, thousands, or even millions of girls began to visit not only gyms, but also sports clubs, according to their own interests.

The desire to get a beautiful figure became a powerful motivator for girls, as a way to become better not only in terms of figure, but also in spirit. Through the pain, tears, and desire to eat junk food , millions of girls work hard all year, doing the most complex exercises, in order to become what they always imagined they could be.

To say something about the fact that men are more enduring, is a sin to these girls. Often in the gym, you can meet a woman whose tenacity is admired not only by the girls, but also envied by men. Below is a bit of fitness motivation for girls.

Meet one of the best fitness models on Instagram – incredibly spectacular and charming Isabele Lahela.


isabela lahela


The most intense fitness model on Instagram

Fitness girl and weightlifter from Canada, Isabele Lahela, became the owner of the most intense workouts on Instagram. She’s a 22-year-old stunning beauty, which in addition to being a model, also works as a personal trainer. And she recently signed a contract to participate in American professional wrestling WWE, and has already started to train.

Here is proof that she trains incredibly hard.