Tony Toutouni was born in Iran, in a family that later fled to the United States from the Islamic revolution and became a family of Iranian refugees. Unlike other refugees, Tony managed to become a successful businessman and established his multi-million dollar business. Tony is known for his antics, which can only a billionaire can afford, and his profile on Instagram, lunatic_living, has nearly 600,000 subscribers. Here you will read about his life full of beautiful and naked girls, expensive cars, and countless mountains of wealth.


toni toutouni


Recently, Tony Toutouni, a descendant of the Iranian refugee family, who has made a fortune in the US and is known for his shocking entertainment, is gaining rapid popularity in the Instagram social network.

Tony Toutouni, also known as Insta Famous Playboy, was born in Iran but fled with his family in 1979 after the Islamic Revolution.

For some time he lived in Argentina, where he had a daughter, and later he moved to the United States and became a successful businessman.


insta famous playboy


Tony wants to try to engage in politics.

He is friends with another billionaire Dan Bilzerian, also known as “The King of Instagram”

Tony wants to direct his political activities against the infringement of the rights of Hispanics most inspiring fitness babes in the United States




Tony, as well as Dan Bilzerian, is known for his hooliganism, which brought him unprecedented popularity on Instagram

When you look at Tony’s Instagram profile, you’ll see that it is filled with photos of naked girls, expensive cars, private planes, weapons, and of course the untold mountains of money.