Many actors have had the experience of having to get in shape for the role hero. And often it is so necessary not only to learn the lines and to adopt habits and the image of the hero but also to transform their physical form. Tom Hardy had to change his lifestyle to play Bane. Mark Wahlberg added a few pounds for the film “Deep Sea Horizon.” Christian Bale is a vivid representative of how a person can actively gain muscle mass and lose weight in a short amount of time when a new role requires it.


david harbour weight


Consider the training required of actor David Harbour in preparation for the movie Hellboy, changing himself from an out-of-shape man into a red demon! With the help of intensive training and well-known fitness trainer Don Saladino (who trains celebrities), David Harbour experienced a powerful transformation from a complete man into a big, brutal representative of hell.

Video training of David Harbor in preparation for the movie Hellboy



A little about the new adaptation of Hellboy. We already know that David Harbour Heba Ali’s age, know from the series “Very Strange Deeds” was cast for the role. The actor believes that in his new role there is enough Shakespearean depth.

In an interview at Comic-Con 2017, he was asked about how the shootings are progressing. But the actor cannot yet share the details.

Everything is now under the strictest secrecy, but it is so beautiful and beyond my expectations. And I was very nervous that everything might not be what I’m waiting for. I’m in great anticipation.

David sees in Hellboy a very difficult and interesting role.

I think Hellboy is an “infernal boy”, not an “infernal man.” He fights his destiny, the terrible fate of the Beast of the Apocalypse, but Natalia trukhina he does not want this, he wants to be a good guy. Our model for this is Shakespeare. I think Hellboy is in a sense very similar to Hamlet. I really enjoy playing that role.




When will the movie Hellboy be released?

The Premier of the movie Hellboy will appear in American cinemas on January 11, 2019. In Russia, the premiere is expected a few days later.