MMA fighter with Chinese roots, Xu Xiaodong made a public statement that the absolute majority of oriental martial arts is a soap bubble in terms of effectiveness. Place them in the movies and gymnastics for retired people.

With pure karate, wushu and other qigong in the MMA arena, there is no comparison. Ziu Shaodong invited any master of martial arts, who does not agree with him, to prove to him that he was wrong during a personal meeting.


wei lei and mma fighter xu xiaodong


As a result, there was a Wei Lei (Lord, Wei Lei), super-master Taijiquan (Tai Chi), which translates as “the fist of the Great Reach”, and the founder of “Thunder Style”. Everything else will be seen on the video. The MMA fighter is in shorts and a t-shirt. The Tai Chi master is in traditional attire with a white jacket.

Xu and Wei were interrogated before the battle. Wei was offended by some expressions of Xu. After a quick victory, Xu published in his blog: “All the masters of martial arts of China observed … I will do what I must do. Everyone should quietly use their independent mental abilities. ” Wei replied: “I lost. Everyone made fun, everyone saw it! I lost, but it’s not a problem … I accept this result. “

Despite all the online criticism after the battle, one person wrote: “Just because this man lost, it does not mean that the tai chi lost.” Since both fighters do not necessarily represent a community of MMA fighters and masters of tai chi.


wei lei


In the end, everyone should take into account that MMA is a fighting sport, it is a combination of boxing, karate and wrestling, while tai chi is more protective in nature and is used to support your health. This means that in fact, tai chi cannot compare to MMA, because they serve completely different purposes.