Anton Antipov is a dark-haired man with blue eyes, 180 cm tall, and weighing 85 kg with an ideal physique. Today, he is a 35-year-old fitness model and a participant in competitive bodybuilding, but he has a long history of victories and defeats. From 2012-14, he appeared 24 times on the show”Men’s Physics”. Preparation for the show did not prevent him from also writing for “Men’s Health” and “Muscle & Fitness”, acting in commercials, and writing posts on social networks.


Anton Antipov was born on 6.05.1983 in Belarus. In childhood, he was not very interested in sports, although his parents signed him up for several sports teams. He tried athletics, swimming, gymnastics, and sambo, but he did not aspire to perform in the Olympics. He took physical education (PE) as an elective in school, but only attended as necessary.

In 1997, when he turned 14, the family emigrated to the United States. There, Anton enrolled in modeling school. After a while, Boss Models offered him a 3-year contract. His photos first appeared in advertising brochures and magazines. To get more jobs, he had to build up a lot and polish his figure, so he went to the gym. He never knew that strength training would turn into a hobby and define his career.

After the termination of the contract, he worked for Wilhelmina. He appeared in underwear catalogs and modeled men’s clothing collections at fashion shows. When posing in front of the cameras on the photo sets, he learned not to pass in front of the cameras and how to best show his most outstanding features.

Debut and new features

In a short time, Anton developed quite the athletic figure. Muscularity gave the image of masculinity, and this tough macho man only had time to sign contracts. He advertised the products of top brands like Nike, Men’s Fitness, Total Abs, and Exercise for Men.

In 2011, Antipov heard about Men’s Physique. This spurred more training and proper nutrition. Friends at the gym soon noticed the results. Many wanted to work with Anton to compete in a show. In 2012, Antipov progressed to posing on the competitive podium. His premiere performance took place at the Steve Stone Championship, where Anton came in 4th. Then he took part in 8 competitions and won three times. Heavy workouts led to a serious shoulder injury, but this did not stop the bodybuilder from obtaining a long-awaited pro card.

The achievements of Anton Antipov

  • In 2013, he won the first professional show “Powehaus Classic”, took part in Mr. Olympia, and came in 12th.
  • In 2014, at this tournament, he climbed to 7th position. Next, he competed in “New York Pro” and came in 6th.
  • In 2015, Anton came on the 9th at Olympia.
  • In 2016, as expected, on the last show, prizes went to Jeremy Buendia, Ryan Terry, and Jeremy Potvin.
Year Competition A place
2013 Mr. Olympia (Men’s Physique) 12
2014 Orlando Pro (Men’s Physique) 16
2014 New York Pro (Men’s Physique) 6th
2014 Mr. Olympia (Men’s Physique) 7th
2015 Arnold Classic (Men’s Physique) 3
2015 Mr. Olympia (Men’s Physique) 9
2016 Mr. Olympia (Men’s Physique) 16
2017 Mr. Olympia (Men’s Physique) 16

The bodybuilder was not upset because of another loss at the annual tournament and took it as a useful experience. Anton understood that he needed to improve his back and muscle definition. However, not everything went smoothly.

“I seem to be made of glass. As soon as everything gets better, I have health problems. I either get sick or get injured. I recently damaged my lower spine – damaged 2 discs. I had to take a time-out and regularly visit the doctor. ”


  • Anton pays a lot of attention to building up his legs, but because of frequent injuries, he avoids lifting with heavyweights.
  • He works his shoulders doing 30 repetitions with a lightweight, then performs 15 with an average weight and 10 with the maximum.
  • After a 5-second rest, he increases to 15 sets and finishes the session with 30 doubles with small weights.
  • He then focuses on his torso, especially the pectoral muscles, and finishes with basic exercises.

About Anton

The athlete lives and trains in New York, in his free time, draws and is engaged in mountaineering. Several years he was married to the champion IFBB Bikini Pro and the head of the school “Star Project”. Recently, Anton Antipov and Anna Starodubtseva parted ways.